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Parking Lot Theft Control
New Management Control for Law Enforcement and Parking Lot Owner Management
Control Parking Theft, Employee Theft and Car Theft
 Observe parking lot activity from home computer or laptop while traveling, Surveilance camera records license plate numbers with time entering & exiting lot. "Transaction Receipt Video Overlay Box", displays & records cash register receipt activity onscreen with customer & cash register attendant actions. Review recorded activity by date & time.

Stop Parking Attendant Theft With
Video Cash Receipt POS Text Inserter

8 Camera Screen On Remote Call In Computer
Parking Lot Manangement Control:  Gives management a new way to fight parking lot attendant theft, help stop car theft and law suits. Parking lot car theft, employee theft & other activity can be immediately viewed using the EagleVision POS cash receipt text inserter video overlay and LPR surveillance camara system. Additional  survalence cameras watch all areas of parking using special auto zoom capability on suspicious activity.

License Plate Recognition Camera Records Time Stamp Entry & Exits On EagleVision DVR System
Logs All Entry & Exit License Plate Numbers in Time Stamped Database
 EagleVision Neural Networks Technology:  special artificial intelligence method to identify vehicles by their license plates. Parking lot security camera logs all vehicle license numbers entering & exiting the lot into database for later recall of suspicious activity. The LPR system integrates with various I/O devices, such as access- control system, and use CCTV cameras to capture live images  LPR can be used in parking management, stolen car search, traffic monitoring, etc.

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All types of vehicles are recognizable
Full plate or partial plate recognition adjustable
[Save], [Advise] or [Activate an I/O device]
Unauthorized plates will activate alarm to guard or police force.
Record each vehicle's entrance and exit time
Digital Watermarking

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1- RECORDING PARKING LOT ACTIVITY:  No expensive time lapse recorders are needed. Unlimited digital recording capability is now available using disk arrays and remove ables. Call in software installed in your call in computer, Digital Video Recording with motion detection built in... EXAMPLE: Recall from your office or laptop call in computer all live & pre-recorded activity.
uilt in motion detecting cameras allow them to detect  movement that occurs within their veiw.... Through software menu, you can program individual cameras to record activity and notify anyone you designate displaying onscreen what is happening at the location... EXAMPLE: After hours, control cameras, record areas where someone may gain entry or suspicious cars in parking lot, turn on a light, sound a siren or control devices through relay switches.
3- ALARM NOTIFICATION:  Notify your (pager, mobile phone or call in computer) or directly call police when alarm event occurs.
 EXAMPLE: No more false alarms. Intruder actions are immediately recorded, see for yourself if it justifies further action.
5- TRANSMISSION AND QUALITY CONTROL: You have control over each cameras pan tilt zoom capability, brightness, contrast, color, picture quality from your remote call in computer. EXAMPLE: See up to 120 frames per second (FPS) on remote computer screen.

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